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The majority of content management system failures are as a result of poor planning, internal adoption, and sky high prices. There are many options available to you in the web content management system market. However, only one is brought to you as a web content management solution rather than system. Every installation of ElementCMS is done after first carefully evaluating our customer's needs and formulating for them a content strategy. To expedite and ensure success in user adoption, we offer a user interface that is extremely easy to use especially when coupled with our in-context editing system. Training programs are administered and easy to follow for staff; in fact the learning curve is so low that if your staff can use email, they will be able to use ElementCMS in no time.

Many of the web content management systems on the market today are customizations of pre-existing enterprise solutions or based on some sort of openly available framework. This results in poor performance, loosely coupled functionality that is hard to use, and questionable upgrade paths for the future. ElementCMS has been built from the ground up as a content management system. Tightly integrated and functionality focused on web content management gives you ease of use while our open API allows you full freedom to develop extensions to fit your own needs.

ElementCMS is one of the only web content management systems on the market to have versions tailored specifically for the municipal government and academic institutions. These versions of ElementCMS contain all of the core functionality as well as additional functionality that is designed to meet the challenges faced by both municipal governments and academic institutions. The software is coupled with consulting and content strategy programs that leverage our extensive experience in these industries.

Every customer is important to us here at ElementCMS. Our small size allows us to remain agile in the area of product development while also delivering service to our customers that large firms cannot match.

Don't let yourself become a number, opt for a solution rather than just a product and contact us today for a free demonstration of ElementCMS.

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